Local Cool School: Houston High School

MEMPHIS, TN (localmemphis.com) - It takes a little know how and a lot of athletic skill to hit a three-pointer and run the court.

But the athletes with the Memphis Rolling Grizzlies, a wheelchair basketball league do it every season in their wheelchairs.
Students at Houston Middle School got a chance to see for themselves. Not even a disability can stop their 'ability' to succeed.

The minute Avery Marquis is up, the student athlete is working up to the minute.

How she finds time to fit in school, competitive horseback riding, guitar, singing, volleyball, and serving as president of her student government at Houston Middle School is a good question.

"I just find it. Somehow I do," Marquis said. 

She is also leading her schools’ effort to teach her fellow classmates a valuable lesson about people living with a disability.

"I want to help disable people. They deserve to have the same, like, rights and everything like normal people do," Marquis said.

That lesson is easy to see.

"The handicap can still participate and do things like normal people," Michael Myers with the Memphis Rolling Grizzlies said.  

Myers and his teammates with the Memphis Rolling Grizzlies, one of the top 10 wheelchair basketball teams in the nation, will face off in a wheelchair basketball game against Germantown city leaders and student athletes from the school to help raise money for Houston Middle and the Rolling Grizzlies.
Money that will be able to help the team get back to the nationals.

"The reason we lost last year was our chairs broke at the end of the game. We couldn't finish out our game. Our chairs didn't hold up," Myers said.

Knowing that competition is fierce, Avery is comfortable supporting from the sidelines. Leaving the action to the pros.

"We're used to it. It's going to be a breeze to us. It's going to be a problem for them because they are not used to being in chairs. So we're going to run circles around them," Myers said.

The Memphis Rolling Grizzlies will take on school leaders, Germantown's mayor, and athletes tomorrow in a wheelchair basketball game.

The game will be at Houston High School at 2:00 p.m.

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