Spokes vs. Stangs: Rolling Wheelchair expo game to benefit Germantown Education Foundation

On Saturday, October 10th, Houston High varsity basketball teammates, school administrators, faculty, and GPD school resource officers will play against the Rolling Grizzlies in a game of wheelchair basketball. The aim of the event is to raise money for the GEF and the Rolling Grizzlies. Money awarded to the GEF through ticket sales will be applied to grants. 

“These grants will be awarded to GMSD teachers in the Spring,” says Stephanie Brockway, Executive Director of the GEF. The Rolling Grizzlies, Memphis’ only Grizzlie sanctioned wheelchair basketball team has hopes to fundraise money to purchase new chairs. 

Currently ranked 10th nationally, the Rolling Grizzlies hope to take 1st place this year. “Something else we would like to see,” says one member of the team, “is a youth league for wheelchair basketball in Germantown.”
The event, fun for all ages, will include the Grizzlies Dunk Team, the Grizz Girls, and plenty of basketball fanfare.