Since 2003, the Memphis Rollin' Grizzlies have led the effort in the Mid-South to raise awareness of wheelchair basketball; supporting rehabilitation programs, raising up youth athletes, and achieving success at every tournament. 


Our Mission

Founded in 2003, the Memphis Rollin’ Grizzlies are a nationally ranked, non-profit competitive wheelchair basketball team. Last year, the team ranked 10th at nationals.

Closely partnered with the Memphis Grizzlies, Memphis’ NBA team, the Rollin’ Grizzlies strive to represent Memphis through sportsmanship, comradery, and excellence.

The Rollin' Grizzlies travel across the country for tournaments- everywhere from New Orleans, LA, to Jackson, MS, to Columbia, MO. The team receives tournament invitations from across the country.  The Rollin’ Grizzlies continue to gain positive recognition in the wheelchair basketball community.

For Memphis, that means there’s a way to stay in the game for people who aren't eligible to play able-bodied sports. For children born with spinal cord issues, or missing limbs- they can play competitive basketball. For athletic adults or teens who are injured in an accident, or need an amputation- there’s not only a rehabilitation community for you, but also a way to continue playing competitive basketball.

Through the Memphis Rollin’ Grizzlies, there are countless opportunities for Memphis and the Mid-South- from of college scholarships, to support from the team during rehabilitation.

Please join in the excitement of the growing success for the team, as it strives to fundraise, reach the youth community, and climb in rank at the national tournament each year.

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”
— Muhammad Ali

our goals

  • Purchase 10 new chairs 
  • Refurbish existing chairs
  • Fundraise for travel expenses
  • Purchase adaptive chairs
  • Create a youth league
  • Raise up a youth coach
  • Win the Division III National Tournament